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Kuriousity killed the Kat


9 December
Well, I think I'm tired of telling people about myself. But that's okay. I'll tell you anyway seeing as how you were so kind as to drop by. I am opposed to classifications and so therefore I have no name for who or what I am. Labels cannot tell you anything about a person. However there is much to be said about a hot punk boy with spikes! purrrr My pet peeves include stupid people and the color pink, *shudders* as I once had my room painted pink and am now horribly traumitized for life.... Okay um I suppose I am smart, that's what I'm told anyway. One day, I want to make people pretty. I tend to be a little hyper on occasions and have decided that I am spunky! (ha i like that word) I miss my friends in Maryland (I just moved to be with my husband) but it's not that bad down here. My daughter just keeps growing and getting crazier. Little Kyran is fat! I mean cute. Drop me a line if you feel so inclined!

I just started to really get into sewing, making costumes and what not. So far I've experimented a little. A fairy costume for Heather, a mini-yukata (above the knee! scandal for me, and a full-length yukata for Heather. Next up is a kilt!! I'm a total geek...I love Renaissance Festival and dressing up. I'm into crafts and the like, I can draw a bit. My husband is a big dork, and I love him for it. He's got a journal but doesn't write in it too much. He's a big Kenshin/Naruto fan. He sold his Kenshin DVDs to buy my ring!!! What love *wink*

My little man
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And my big baby girl
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*purr* because kitty boys are hot! XD