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Get It Together 2007

Most of my resolutions are interconnected. The overall, basic resolution for this year is to “get it together”. What this means is that I want to get my life together, I would like to be a better person. Of course, I guess that is why we make resolutions. Lately I have been rather unhappy and highly stressed; I attribute the majority of this to our slightly disorganized lives and lack of self-discipline.
This “main heading” can be broken down further into smaller, more targeted resolutions. Specific aspects of my life or personality that I wish to change. These “sub-categories” are as follows: Physical, Family, Mental, and Financial. Even some of those can be (and will be) further defined. We’ll start with the physical things I want to change as they are easiest.

Resist the urge to call me crazy when I express my desire to get in shape and take better care of my body. I’m sure you have seen my pictures by now and know that I’m a skinny thing. However, the goal is not to lose weight but to get my body in shape. Also, to eat more healthily as I am an avid eater of junk foods. This is a bad influence on my kids. Since gym memberships are pricey (over an accumulation of months) and I know I would never “find time” to go anyways, I’ve decided to buy some exercise equipment. No treadmill, I can just take a walk with the boys for that. My hopes are to not only look better but to feel better and have more energy to help combat my children. Also, maybe Justin will take some cues from me and get himself into shape.

This leads me directly into the familial aspect of my resolutions. I want to be a better mother and wife. My children need my attention, I should not just let them veg out and watch TV all day just because it’s easy. The boys and I will take walks and go to the park so they can get some much needed exercise. We will all read together at night before bed, as my parents used to do with me. Also, they need to have a stronger hygiene regimen. Baths, hair brushing, and face washing will be made nightly activities; teeth must be brushed twice a day. Kyran will probably just eat the toothbrush, but I can always try. Heather will learn some independence by choosing clothes for the next day before she goes to sleep, assisting with dinner, and washing dishes. Since Kyran isn’t quite two, his only real responsibility will be clearing his plate and taking his toys to his room.

Being a better wife will, without a doubt, be one of my most challenging resolutions. Not because I don’t want to be, but because I’d like to believe that I don’t need to be. Nagging my husband and provoking fights are two of my favorite things to do after all! Seriously, I need to quit using words like never, always, can’t and try* when we argue. When I am angry I should attempt to maintain my composure and approach the situation as maturely as possible. Although I am a stay at home mom I regularly neglect my duties. The house should be clean and dinner fixed, regardless of how I feel physically or mentally.

Don’t you like how I segue into each topic? Pretty neat huh? Anyways, mentally, I would like to make more use of my brain. I guess that sounds pretty redundant. My plan is to use books to enhance my mind. I love to read and since I’ve taken up knitting there hasn’t been much reading. There used to be books piled upon books next to my bed. Now, I will settle for completing two books in a month’s time. One will be for fun and the other will be an educational, non-fictional book. I think I’m going to read up on criminal psychology, and of course knitting. That’s right; any books that describe knitting technique or other people’s experiences with knitting (as long as it’s non-fiction!) will fit the terms. Good thing I have a library card, otherwise that would cut into my budget.

Which, naturally, is part of my financial resolution. The hard part will be getting Justin to commit to it as well. I can control myself as much as I would like, but if he spends freely…well then it’s pointless. We’ll have to draw up a budget on paper, keeping in mind miscellaneous expenditures. Then get out only the amount of cash we can spend for the week, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Also, writing up a menu for the month will enable me to create a grocery list containing only the foods we need. This will allow me to shop more productively and frugally. It also means *gulp* cutting back on yarn purchases. To help me with this I joined a stash-a-long, spanning nine months. I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough yarn to last me nine months, if not, there’s always sock yarn! Besides, I’ll be spinning.

The other part of my financial resolution is to try making some money. I’m going to probably just sell some hand-dyed yarn and some hand knit socks on eBay or etsy. Maybe a few hats, and baby socks (or booties) too. I know the kitty hats sell pretty well.

I’m going to basically write up my resolutions for myself, as a reminder and make a few copies. One copy for my bedroom, one for the kitchen (on the fridge), and one for my workspace. These will serve as constant reminders to stay on target. I hope. While Stephanie might skip the planning step, I’ve always been good at planning. It’s the execute part I have a problem with. The plans will have basic guidelines and rules set out and they will be set right out where I can see them. Of course, I’ll have to also post encouraging notes for myself. Maybe even a calendar with quotes. I don’t know.

*Justin finds the word “try” to be passive aggressive and prefers the usage of the word “do”
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