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Knitting Journal

I started one so I wouldn't bother all you lovely people with my knitting. :P

If you wanna see what I've been making, go ahead and visit.

St Patty's day was HILARIOUS! Justin was so drunk he fell when he got out of the car! lmfao

We were up til like 4am.

I was knitting at this party we went to. I figured, if I couldn't get drunk I should really preoccupy myself otherwise so I didn't want to just leave. ugh Then the cops came and what not. boo We went back to the house and played cards and had fun. Good times.

Thank god Heather is with my parents. I have been sleeping in until like 11. It's fantastic!! Kyran is just this little lump that hangs out all day. Except he was feeling yucky yesterday due to teething. Poor babe.
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