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About Me

1. My name is Crystal, I hate it.
2. I was born December 9th, yay winter babies!
3. My baby brother, Daniel, is a very important part of my life.
4. Last year my parents and brother moved back to Georgia, and I miss them.
5. I've had many nicknames, none of which have ever been cat or kitty, I just tell people that. The most common one is Tickle, it's a silly story.
6. My home will always be Maryland. I was born and raised there, love it, and it hold a special place in my heart. That said, I'm quite happy down here in North Carolina with my hubby and kids.
7. I met my best friend in preschool, we're still best friends.
8. As I remember it I was crying on the big turtle because my friends had all gone home.
9. Jamie (best friend) is in Florida now.
10. In my junior year of high school we moved from Maryland to Georgia and back again.
11. When I was little my Granny used to read to me, I still love to read to this day.
12. I took tap and ballet when I was little, although I look like I'm built for it, I was awful!
13. I look younger than I am, and act older. So my age tends to be a mystery.
14. My initials are tattooed on my stomach.
15. I moved to North Carolina to be with my husband in August of 2004.
16. Ironically, my husband lived about 20 minutes away from me before he joined the Marine Corps. Had he gone to public school he'd have been in the same school as my first boyfriend.
17. We met online (yes this actually works, but it makes for a lame story) after another Marine stood me up.
18. He proposed to me a month later. My parents were okay with it.
19. I told myself I would NEVER marry a military man.
20. I'm a cat person.
21. My dad stole my favorite cat, Romeo, and Hobbes lives with us.
22. I think that the East Coast is the best place to live.
23. I have a good memory, and though my husband knows this he still argues with me about it.
24. My family is mostly located in Maryland, though they are all over the East Coast.
25. If I have a question about movies I ask my husband.
26. I will never argue with him that he is wrong (about movies), unless I'm 100% sure I'm right.
27. I've never been cool.
28. I'm happy with that.
29. When we have more money I'm going to cosmetological school for hair and make-up.
30. I'd love to be a make-up artist.
31. Making people feel beautiful is important to me, when you feel good about what is outside you can feel good about the inside too.
32. People worry too much about looks.
33. Hubby is very supportive of whatever I want to do.
34. I got married on December 22,2003. Poor husband.
35. Heather was born January 26, 2003; Kyran - February 11, 2005; Nolan - August 9, 2006
36. I don't want a ceremony, just the reception and honeymoon!
37. One day I might get them.
38. Movies are great, but I hate movie theaters.
39. Sunday through Tuesday my evenings are taken up by TV. Dexter, Heroes, Weeds, and Nip/Tuck.
40. I also watch Law & Order, Forensic Files, and Cold Case Files. Notice a trend?
41. Right now, I'd love to have any job aside from SAHM.
42. Although I love my kids, it's a high stress, pro-bono, 24/7 job. I deserve a break!
43. Retail would be okay, I'm friendly and love to talk.
44. Justin (hubby) became deployable in July 2006.
45. They plan on deploying for the first time in January 2007.
46. I cross my fingers that they won't go.
47. However, I'm very proud of him. His squadron is pioneering the field of tilt-rotors in military use. (or something like that)
48. He might complain but he loves his job.
49. That's what I respect about him.
50. I'm not into politics at all, I don't really even watch the news. It depresses me.
51. Some of my pet peeves: people who can't speak proper English, people who tYpE lIkE ThIs, and people who don't take responsibility for their actions. (There are more....)
52. We have a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country, a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville, and my husband's Harley. I rolled our Explorer....
53. I taught myself to knit in December 2005.
54. It was a more portable hobby than sewing, and I could do it in the living room with the kids.
55. After that, I searched for local yarn shops, and found there was one around the corner!
56. Since about March of 2006 I have been knitting like crazy, and love it!
57. Often I design my own patterns with help from my LYS owner, a calculator and other various sources.
58. My knitting blog started in March 2006.
59. Blogging is a really great way to find other people who have similar interests.
60. I'm into a lot of stuff: sewing, drawing, Renaissance Festivals, Anime/ name a few.
61. Hubby is also into drawing and anime. He likes anime for it's artistic side. And plays LOTS of video games.
62. I like pictures, and have a lot of them.
63. Don't ask to see them unless you have plenty of free time.
64. I have spent over two years of my life pregnant.
65. Love my babies, hate being pregnant.
66. My husband says that I'm a mountain of wasted talent.
67. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.
68. The only sport I like to watch is Baseball.
69. My husband is a huge Red Sox fan, even though he's not from Boston.
70. I like to watch the game while my show is on commercial, and text him the score.
71. Baseball season is husband's menstrual cycle.
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