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I was going to update about something. But I forgot. So...Kyran can walk now. YAY! And his first birthday is Saturday.

Oh!! I remember now. I was going to babble on and on about my ideas for renfest this year!! Which is not only totally boring and irrelevant to those of you reading, but also totally silly. Considering that I will be preggers until Sep. and we are going in Oct. That means, of course, my body will be slightly out of whack and I will want to hide it. I think though, that I will hit a gym as soon as I can after I have this baby. *sigh*

Anyway, happier things. The place in the UK that makes the really awesome sock poi that I liked finally replied to my e-mail. The owner sent me some basic instructions for making some sock poi. I'm very excited about this, moreso even than the rest of the costume. And I don't know why. Maybe it's because I miss spinning. So I might make those sooner than the rest of the costume. I'm also planning on making the hacky sacks to put inside of the poi. Which will help me practice my knitting. Then I can make the cheshire kitty hat for me and Mali.

I also am going to dye my hair blue-ish/turquoise. You should let me know which color you like better:

the turquoise

or the blue?

I'm going to bleach my hair for this. A first for me. But I want it to come out well. Whatever I decide will be the basic idea for the shade of blue for entire costume. lol Because the color theme is blue and brown. Which was a very popular color combo last summer, so maybe I will get lucky and find some cute things for my costume. Also, I plan on doing extensive henna tattooing for this as well. Ought to be interesting. The only thing I'm not sure of, is how I will make the wings. They are going to be too small, that's why I hang out with goblin/faeries, and I'm very flighty. Anyway, the character is not important right now. I think I'm gonna try to find strong but thin wire at home depot. Then some cheap pretty fabric at hancocks. I'm gonna have to find a way to actually sew them into my costume top, I don't wanna worry about anchoring them or them getting in the way. That was the big problem last year. So I thought that this would be a clever way to avoid that.

I LOVE RENFEST! This will be my first time at the TRF...and I want to go alllllll out! *does happy dance*
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